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Feet Facts Blog

We know how much you love having up-to-date information to help keep your feet healthy and active, so we've put together a special Feet Facts Blog for you!

If you have any specific topics you want to hear about contact us and let us know and we'll post some information for you!

From the team at Active Foot Clinic.

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New Frankie4 summer collection out now!

22 Dec 2014 1:54 PM -

Need a last minute Christmas Present? Frankie4 shoes are great for comfort and style in the heat of summer whilst still giving you support for your active life! We have some great shoes out now and ...

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5 secrets to having smooth feet all summer long

19 Dec 2014 9:45 PM -

Are your feet dry and cracked? Ashamed to show your feet and heels in public? Is your dry skin catching on the sheets? It’s not a great look to have cracked skin on your feet and it cer...

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Heal your Achilles heel TODAY!

27 Aug 2014 12:58 PM -

Pain in your Achilles heel can be debilitating. You might find that you can't be as fit and active as you want. Achilles injuries have a tendency to be slow healers which can be endlessly frustrating. There's a reason why they call it your Ac...

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Taking care of your feet after the Lake to Lagoon fun run

19 Aug 2014 4:13 PM -

Congratulations on taking part in the Lake to Lagoon fun run! Here are our top tips for looking after yourself and your feet after the event. These are simple things you can do to aid recovery, however if you continue to have problems seeing a...

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Preparing your feet for the Lake to Lagoon Fun Run

19 Aug 2014 3:04 PM -

Keen to prepare yourself for the upcoming Lake to Lagoon Fun Run? Here are some of our hot tips to help you finish AND recover, direct from local Active Foot Clinic po...

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Heel pain? Achilles pain? The LATEST SOLUTION is here for you!

5 Aug 2014 12:45 PM -

Heel and Achilles pains are some of the toughest conditions we treat here at Active Foot Clinic, but what brings us the greatest joy is when we see people getting back into their active lives, free of pain.

Dolorclast Therapy is latest tr...

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New state of the art services coming soon!

21 Jul 2014 5:49 PM -

With extensions and restoration work underway Active Foot Clinic is excited to be the custodian of Edward Street’s historical building whilst developing new and exciting services for the Wagga community.

Active Foot Clinic is situa...

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AFC takes out Outstanding Small Business Award for 2014

6 Jun 2014 4:50 PM -

AFTER watching what a difference a podiatrist made to her sister's life, Lina Wood - founder of Active Foot Clinic and podistrist - developed a passion for helping people live active, healthy lives.

After gra...

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PLANTAR WART? Revolutionary NEW treatment YOU will LOVE!

3 Jun 2014 12:50 PM -

PLANTAR WARTs- you probably have a childhood horror story! Burning, freezing, PAIN, acid treatments, persistence, lots of appointments and expense – not much fun!

To tell you the truth as podiatrists we haven’t liked treating them...

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BURNING TOES? Our best tips for YOUR relief!

27 May 2014 8:32 AM -

Burning toes can drive you officially MAD. Your feet are so sensitive. When tingles, burning and numbness surge in your toes it is something that you can’t quite ignore. Today we are going to outline the best treatments for burning toes so ...

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HEEL PAIN in the morning?

14 May 2014 4:27 PM -

5 top tips directly from your local Podiatrists to help relieve your pain

As Podiatrist we know how debilitating your heel pain can be. You limp out of bed in the mornings, can’t do the things you enjoy, exercise stops...

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Child Suffering? Should they stop sport? your answers HERE

4 May 2014 5:08 PM -

Growing pains or sore feet, ankles, knees?

Should your child stop sport?

We regularly see parents who are in great turmoil. They have been watching their child lim...

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Child with SORE HEELS? Is it really JUST GROWING PAINS?

14 Apr 2014 6:54 AM -

Child with SORE HEELS? IS it really JUST growing pains?

It is really distressing watching your child limp in pain or off the sports field. Your child is likely at a stage in their life when they should be at th...

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Child With SORE FEET? Why is your child suffering?

14 Apr 2014 5:32 AM -

CHILD with SORE FEET? Why are the suffering?

Why would your healthy active child be limping?

It is distressing to watch your child limping or struggling to part...

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1 Apr 2014 8:43 PM -

HEEL PAIN? Suffering?

What has rolling your heel on golf balls and frozen coke bottles got to do with you finding your relief?

Would you like to know if these commonly recomm...

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