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Who we are
You rely on your feet every day of your life, so when trouble strikes and you can’t do everything you want it’s frustrating. At Active Foot Clinic Podiatry we have a team of 6 highly skilled podiatrists who will ensure you find YOUR effective solution to keep you active and pain free. 

Active Foot Clinic Wagga Wagga is an award winning clinic servicing the Riverina. We are based in Wagga Wagga, Albury, Griffith, Leeton, Cootamundra, Temora, West Wyalong, Gundagai, Tumut, Tumbarumba and Lockhart. Find your nearest podiatrist.

What we do
Our solutions are simple and effective, and most importantly non-invasive where we avoid surgery and injections. You'll also feel comfortable in the knowledge that your appointment comes with your very own foot happiness guarantee

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No referral is necessary and health fund rebates are available on the spot. If you’re suffering from foot pain, heel pain, knee pain, or have any sports injury give us a call on 6925 8637 or book an appointment online today. 

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