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Feet Facts Blog

We know how much you love having up-to-date information to help keep your feet healthy and active, so we've put together a special Feet Facts Blog for you!

If you have any specific topics you want to hear about contact us and let us know and we'll post some information for you!

From the team at Active Foot Clinic.

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New fungal nail treatment available NOW!

30 Aug 2016 8:30 PM -

Love attractive, healthy nails this summer? The latest technology in fungal nails has arrived at Active Foot Clinic and we are excited! See the before and afters for yourself!>

Our new laser offers the simplest, fastest and mo...

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Falls Prevention

17 Aug 2016 2:23 PM -

Falls are an ominous yet very real part of life for people over 65 and many falls can be prevented once the causes are determined. Most elderly patients experience a decline in balance and muscle strength. The combination of this decline wit...

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What are 'pigeon toes'?

21 Jul 2016 4:01 PM -

Pigeon Toe or In-toeing where the toes point inwards is a common condition that we treat here at the Active Foot Clinic.

Why is it important that we correct in-toeing?

When c...

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What is Morton’s Neuroma?

6 Jun 2016 2:48 PM -

Morton's neuroma is a painful foot condition that often occurs in response to irritation, pressure or traumatic injury to one of the digital nerves leading to the toes. A thickening of nerve tissue results as part of the body’s response to ...

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Back pain and your feet

17 May 2016 2:01 PM -

The foot being the base and foundation for our body, many back problems can be related to the way we stand and walk. Around 40 per cent of Australians will experience some form of foot problems in their lifetime. Low back pain is a very com...

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What is plantar fasciitis?

19 Apr 2016 2:51 PM -

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition caused by excessive strain on the plantar fascia (a thick band of tissue that runs under the arch of the foot). Strain mostly occurs around its attachment site in the heel. Some common causes can be:


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Skin fit for summer: solutions for dry skin, tinea, corns, warts and more!

14 Dec 2015 6:00 AM -

Tinea is a common fungal infection of the skin which causes peeling, dry skin and when it flares up it causes itching. Tinea is highly contagious, often reoccurring and...

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Toenail terrors: simple fixes for your toenail problems

3 Dec 2015 11:50 AM -

Fungal nails
Fungal infected nails can be unsightly and embarrassing, especially when summer rolls around and you want to break out your sandals.

When nails are infected with a fungus the nai...

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Get your feet sorted before Christmas!

23 Nov 2015 6:57 PM -

The silly season is almost upon us so don't wait! We're realistic, we know that next month there will probably be lots of walking around the shops to gather up all those presents- plus bare feet by the pool or maybe running around after the k...

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Worried about bunions?

14 Nov 2015 7:00 AM -

Thinking about breaking out your summer footwear but worried about that large bump jutting out at the base of you big toe? You could have bunions.

What are bunions?
Bunions are an ...

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Melbourne cup high heel hang over? We can help!

4 Nov 2015 10:14 AM -

So you’ve spent most of yesterday clip clopping around in your favourite new heels and now you’re paying the price. If your feet are burning and your calves are aching you’re not alone, and we can help.

What is ...

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Case Study: Around Australia with Kath's pain free feet!

19 Oct 2015 4:36 PM -

Kath* is a 57 year old retiree and has been happily living for 2 years as a grey nomad with her husband. Whilst travelling around Australia she developed heel pain and it was stopping her from really enjoying her long awaited adventures. She...

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Shin pain explained

2 Oct 2015 4:30 PM - Rebecca Baker

At the Active Foot Clinic we regularly assess and treat people with shin pain, it's a common condition but luckily there are treatments available! This kind of pain is normally localised between the knee and the ankle, and runs right along th...

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From your back to your toes!

14 Sep 2015 4:03 PM -

You’re on your feet all day and your back is killing you! Where has this come from? Your back pain is back! Or perhaps it never left. We know back problems can be debilitating and really do reduce your ability to enjoy life, so we’re here to ...

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5 top tips for healthier running feet

4 Sep 2015 4:01 PM -

Whether you’re new to running or you’ve been competing for as long as you can remember here are some golden rules when it comes to foot care and running. Healthy feet means healthy running so keeping your feet happy can go a long way toward ...

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