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Flat Feet in your child

Flat feet can be very problematic for children, however many children with flat feet will not experience problems until they reach adulthood. By this time permanent damage has already occurred to the joints in their feet and legs.

Problems which can be caused by flat feet include growth plate problems, stress fractures, collapsing of the archosteoarthritis in the feet and ankles, tendonitis, foot pain and injuries, knee, hip and back problems.  We generally don’t consider it normal for children to be experiencing pain or growing pains.

If you suspect that your child has flat feet it is best that your child be assessed by a qualified podiatrist.

When assessing children at the Active Foot Clinic our podiatrists will take a thorough history, assesses your child’s joints and muscles, posture and walking pattern and advises you on appropriate treatment to help keep your child active for life.

If you suspect that your child has flat feet or your child has been complaining of foot or lower limb pain, make an appointment today so that we can help to keep your child active for life. Phone 6925 8637 today!