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Ingrown toenail surgery, a permanent solution

Ingrown toenails are painful and can be dangerous if left untreated.

In many situations our patients with ingrown toenails do not require surgery. Surgery is however a permanent solution to resolve ingrown toenail trouble for good.

The particular procedure we perform at the Active Foot Clinic is is called a partial nail avulsion and it is performed under local anaesthetic. It is the procedure which we think is generally most appropriate for the following reasons:

·      No hospitalisation is required

·         Only a local anaesthetic is required so that you don’t feel any pain. You can drive home and go straight back to work or school (sorry kids!)

·         Pain experienced after the procedure is generally very minimal, if present at all.

·         The procedure is minimally invasive and considered a minor surgical procedure.

·         We perform the procedure in our rooms under sterile conditions.

·         All instruments are sterile and any consumables we use disposable.

·         We follow up our patients with dressing reviews and give our patients dressing advice to help minimise post-operative infection.

·         We generally avoid the need for antibiotics: Oncce the problematic nail is removed your body is able to clear the infection. It is important that your Podiatrist monitors your progress at redressing appointments.  

 If you are interested in finding out more about this permanent solution make an appointment to talk with one of our podiatrists today or call us for more information

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