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Hammer Toes

“Hammer toes” refer to a deformity of our toes where the middle joint of the toe becomes stuck in a bent position. Over time arthritis can cause the joints to be permanently fixed in this awkward posture, leaving the joints of the toes, and even the tips, prone to too much pressure from walking and footwear. This can cause painful corns, callus  and even ulcers at the pressure areas and even pain under the ball of your foot and painful arthritis.

These toe deformities usually occur because of a combination of three related factors: Hereditary, Pressure from footwear, and instability or malalignment with your foot posture and walking pattern.

Your podiatrist at the Active Foot Clinic can assess your toe deformities. They will treat your corns and calluses, and advise on the most effective methods to reduce pressures at the joints. Often orthotics will give great results. We also have a great range of comfortable footwearwhich allow for the extra space required for your toes. 

If you have problematic toes make an appointment today to prevent further problems and walk without pain. Call us or book online to walk without pain and future problems. 

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