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Arch Pain

Have you or someone you know been suffering with arch pain for a while now?

Arch pain can have many causes:

  •  Osteoarthritis
  •  Plantar Fascial Strain
  •  Dorsal synovial pinching
  •  Metatarso-Cuneiform spurring
  •  Stress Fracture
  •  Flat feet (Pes Planus)
  •  Koehlers disease in children and many more conditions

Arch pain, even when caused by arthritis is often quite simple for us to treat and generally gives great pain relief. Our podiatrists at the Active Foot Clinic have the expertise and knowledge to assess and treat arch pain, getting you back to your active and pain free lifestyle.

At your appointment your podiatrist will assess you thoroughly by asking detailed questions, locating the painful area, assess your foot and lower limb posture and gait and assess the joints in your foot and lower limb.

Your podiatrist will put together a treatment plan to reduce your pain as quickly as possible.

Make an appointment today at the Active Foot Clinic, and start Walking Without Pain, call or book online today. 

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