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Preventing Amputations

Diabetic? How we can help you to prevent amputations

For any person with diabetes there is an increased risk of foot ulcers related to reduced circulation and poor feeling in the feet. Below are some brief tips to help keep your feet healthy. Please keep in mind this is general advice and may not apply to everyone. Any concerns you may have should be raised with your doctor and podiatrist immediately.

1. Have your doctor and podiatrist check your feet regularly. See your family doctor regularly to be sure your diabetes is in good control. Have your doctor look at your feet at every visit, and have a circulation and sensation assessment completed regularly by your podiatrist.

2. Wear the right shoes and socks. Don't wear shoes that fit too tightly or pinch your feet. Choose thick cotton socks and well-cushioned shoes with plenty of room in the toes. Never go barefoot.

3. Check your feet every day. Look at your feet very carefully every day to be sure you have no cuts, scrapes or blisters. Look at every part of your foot, even between your toes.

4. Treat cuts, scrapes and blisters. See your doctor if a wound does not heal. If you get a small cut, scrape or blister on your foot, wash the area gently with soap and water. Don't break the blister.

5. Keep your feet clean. Gently wash your feet with soap and water every day. Pat your feet dry. Put on a moisturising cream but don't put too much moisturiser between your toes.

6. See your podiatrist for nail care and treatment of thickened skin and tinea.

7. Avoid corn pads, heating pads and hot water foot soaks.

8. Take action to improve your circulation. High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and smoking can harm the circulation in your feet and keep sores from healing. Ask your doctor for help if you have any of these problems.

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