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Ankle Pain

Do you or someone you know suffering with ankle pain? Ankle problems can be debilitating and reduce your ability to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Some of the more common causes of ankle pain that we regularly treat are:

· Tendonitis

· Tendon dysfunction (Tibialis Posterior Dysfunction)

· Ankle Sprain and injuries associated with a sprain

· Ankle Osteoarthritis

· Flat feet (pes planus)

· Fracture

Your podiatrist at the Active Foot Clinic has expertise in assessing and treating ankle conditions. At your appointment we will assess the ankle in detail, analyse your walking pattern and foot posture and order X-rays or an ultrasound if needed.

Your podiatrist can then make treatment recommendations appropriate to your condition to help you get back to your active pain free lifestyle.

If you would like your ankle pain assessed, make an appointment with an Active Foot Clinic podiatrist today so that you can Walk Without Pain

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