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Our Orthotics

Your Podiatrist may recommend orthotics to get you better. Our orthotics are a great treatment option in that they help your body to move better, reducing the strains that cause your pain. The biggest difference between ours and any other orthotic is the comfort and symptom improvement guarantee that we give all of our patients. We can give this guarantee as our podiatrists have extensive additional training and work with a superior product. 

Case Study: Olwen in now pain free

Olwen wanted to stay fit, but his feet were really sore. He couldn't wait to take his shoes off when he got home. He really wanted to walk without pain. He had orthotics in Canberra which used to be great however his feet were telling him that he needed new ones. Olwen was new to town. His friend Bel said that Active Foot Clinic were very good. Since getting his new orthotics he can now walk without pain and can now walk longer distances and keep fit. 

Our orthotics are cost effective: Our orthotics generally last 5 years+ for adults and 2 years + for growing bodies meaning that they are a great, cost effective long term treatment option. They are also health fund rebateable.

Our orthotics are designed to be comfy, slim and light weight and move easily between your shoes. Our orthotics are exclusive to us and we have an infinite selection of designs for women, men and children as every person, their foot shape and their mechanics is a little different.

Faster pain relief:We also have the fastest orthotic turnaround as a result of our laser foot scanner getting the 3D shape of your feet to our lab within minutes. This with the customised prescription design by your Active Foot Clinic Podiatrist means that we can arrange for orthotics to be helping you within a week.

Our orthotic laboratory is a world industry leader and we offer a  Symptom Improvement Guarantee:All of our orthotics also come with a symptom improvement guarantee. This ensures that you get a comfortable orthotic with the pain relief you are looking for.  

If you would like a comfortable pair of orthotics to get you active and pain free make an appointment with an Active Foot Clinic Podiatrist. 

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