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Shoes with Comfort

As podiatrists we know how important it is for you to have the right shoes on your feet for their daily pounding. By wearing shoes without supportive features and the correct fit you can end up with tired, achy feet at the end of the day and risk injury and unnecessary pain. 

At Active Foot Clinic we know what it takes for a shoe to be great for your feet. So many shoes are advertised as great for your feet, however they fail our tests. They may have some cushioning but they so often do not have the inbuilt support features that we’re looking for. It is these support features that prevent those aches and pains and heal those painful foot and leg injuries. 

We decided to demystify shoe buying by searching the country for shoes which truly are great for feet. This has involved our podiatrists testing thousands of shoes and making sure that only the shoes which pass our test feature in our shoe store at Active Foot Clinic in Wagga. 

Come into our store and tell us what you are looking for in a shoe. Is it for work, casual wear, walking or a specific condition? Our staff are well versed in finding the right shoe for you. They can help with a variety of foot problems, find a particular style you’re after and can match a perfectly comfortable shoe to your foot. No appointment required! 

All of our shoes are orthotic friendly and we also have lots of depth and width fittings to get that right fit for any hard to fit feet!  Our shoes are great for feet all round, you’re sure to find the right shoe that’s perfect for your feet with us. Click on the links below to see the kinds of shoes we stock in store.

Case study: Meet our wonderful patient Zoe Schipp. Zoe has recently bought a pair of our FRANKIE4 JACKiE shoes in blush and we asked if she could fill a short questionnaire out for us so that people can gain a great insight of these shoes! 😍

What do you like about your new shoes? The comfort & softness of the shoes but knowing my feet are well supported all day. Such a sleek shoe suited for many outfits.
What do you think the best feature of the Frankie4 Jackies are? The everlasting support- I feel confident knowing this shoe will hold its shape for years to come. Also love the rose gold detailing & choice of shoelace colour.
Where and when do you wear your shoes? Casual occasions- shopping down the street- playing outdoors with young kids! Dressy dinners to weekend bbqs!
Would you recommend people to wear these shoes? A thousand percent! Finally I have been professionally advised of a shoe that I know not only looks great but actually supports my feet. Who wouldn’t want that!

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