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Preparing your feet for the Lake to Lagoon Fun Run

19 Aug 2014 3:04 PM -
Image credit (top and middle): Wikimedia Commons
Active Foot Clinic podiatrist Joe Burgess

Keen to prepare yourself for the upcoming Lake to Lagoon Fun Run? Here are some of our hot tips to help you finish AND recover, direct from local Active Foot Clinic podiatrists.

Warm up & warm down
Jogging or walking for 10 minutes before and after the event and adding some simple stretches to your routine will help your running style to be more fluid. Doing this will also make sure that you don’t hit a wall 5 minutes into your race where you feel you need to stop and stretch mid race.

Hydrate to prevent cramps
Look after your whole body, not just your feet! Good hydration the night before the run and the morning of the run is your best measure to prevent muscle cramps during the run.

Wear supportive shoes
It seems obvious, but supportive shoes WILL help to protect your feet from injury and fatigue. Active Foot Clinic podiatrists can help with this if you’re not sure that your shoes are right for you.

Wear socks
When tackling the 10km Lake to lagoon run, a good pair of socks will do wonders in helping to prevent blisters, plus they will protect your shoes from nasty smells!

Get yourself checked
If you have sore feet, ankles or knees get them checked out by a podiatrist before the race so that you can be advised on how to protect yourself throughout the run. This will help to prevent further damage to your body.


About Active Foot Clinic sports podiatrists
Active Foot Clinic Sports Podiatrists regularly prepare runners and sports people before their big sporting events. They have prepared numerous high profile athletes for triathlon, marathon and iron man and just love getting someone ready for a fun run! The team has local, interstate and international experience helping athletes to realise their goals.

Active Foot Clinic podiatrists more extreme feats (pardon the pun!) include preparing runners for the Sahara Marathon a grueling 6 whole marathons over 6 days where runners carry everything on their back! They have also prepared numerous patients for their 800 km Spanish pilgrimage walks (Camino di Santiago) including themselves and helped to prepare a gentleman for his pilgrimage to Mecca.  We have also seen droves of people come to us before and after their 24 charity walk events such as the Oxfam Walk and the Relay for Life Wagga for which they have been proud supporters for many years.  Walking and running places a lot of strain on the feet and legs, all of which a podiatrist can help.

To prepare for your next event, find great fitting shoes or to find a solution to your foot problem call us today on 6925 8637 or register here for an appointment to find out how our podiatrists can help YOU!

From all of us at Active Foot Clinic happy running Riverina!