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Just arthritis? Why you shouldn't settle for pain!

1 Jun 2015 11:12 AM -
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So winter is here and you might be finding yourself with cold, achy feet.  If you have arthritis you might have been sent home in pain, with some anti-inflammatories to take, or surgery or needles may be your only other options.

However, in our experience you have a lot more options! Every day we’re helping people like you get active and more comfortable without the use of anti-inflammatories, needles or surgery.

Arthritis can affect any of the movable joints in your feet. This can result in enlarged swollen joints or toes becoming crooked and causing problems when walking in shoes, not to mention the pain! Pain associated with these arthritic changes in the feet will vary, so the pain may be quite severe, like in the initial stages of gout, with the joints in your foot becoming  inflamed and swollen.

Sometimes we can assist arthritic joints by helping them to move more, or perhaps move less depending on the severity of your condition and from this we can then reduce the pain that’s associated with that movement, and best of all our treatments are simple and non-invasive!

At Active Foot Clinic we treat many forms of arthritis, most commonly osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Many things can be done to relieve symptoms including; soft cushioned or perhaps firmer orthotics (which are guaranteed for comfort and symptom improvement), supportive footwear, certain exercises and shoe raises and padding are just some of the things we can do. The benefits of treating arthritis this way are; it’s non-invasive (so no surgery or needles!) and it’s also a safe and comfortable way to get your back on your feet quickly.

What should I do next?
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