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FOOT PAIN? Ball of foot or heel pain? What will get you better?

3 Feb 2015 6:06 PM -
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So the year is in full swing now, the Christmas rush is over and you’ve hit the ground running with school drop offs and new year resolutions. There is only one problem. Summer sandals, thongs and bare feet have given you terrible foot pain! Well, here’s the scoop on two common places pain occurs, in the ball of your foot and your heel.

PLUS we have a very special HALF price INITIAL APPOINTMENT OFFER for if you haven't seen us before for your HEEL or BALL of foot pain! THIS IS A LIMITED OFFER & there is only 10 available! YOU CAN register here (simply mention "half price initial appointment" in the comments to be eligable! Valid until 3rd March 2015.

Heel Pain
Heel pain can have many different causes which all of our university qualified podiatrists have skills in assessing and diagnosing. Our podiatrists also have additional training specific to treating heel pain. The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. We have some highly successful treatment systems that work a treat for heel pain. The most common cause of plantar fasciitis is repeat strain of the plantar fascial structure under your arch with the pronation or subtle flattening of your foot with the thousands of steps you take every day. This structure most commonly degenerates in the area where spurs can form and can generally be relieved whilst avoiding injections and surgery. Generally, the earlier the treatment the faster the outcome.

Ball of Foot Pain
3 top tips to relieve your pain:

  1. Get out of heels (Sorry fellas if this one doesn't apply to you!) Wear the most cushioned /comfy shoe   you have! It will take the pressure of the balls of your feet.
  2. Avoid postures and activities that put a lot more strain on your forefoot until we work out exactly what is going on. So, avoid squatting down with your toes strained and forefoot activities like tennis and   dancing.
  3. Many things can go wrong in the ball of your foot so our advice is get in for an appointment sooner rather than later. There are 4 intricate layers of muscles, numerous bones, joint capsules, nerves, ligaments and fascia and blood vessels.  Bunions, neuromas, capsulitis, plantar plate injuries and stress fractures are just a few of the common concerns that we assess and treat successfully. Our podiatrists have additional skills in assessing and treating forefoot concerns on top of their university training. It pays to get in for a proper assessment so that we can discover the true cause of your concern and find a solution for you.

How do I get better?
Firstly we need to find out the true cause of your pain in an appointment. This takes less than an hour and we assess you in extensive detail both in the podiatry chair and whilst your standing and walking and running if you are a runner. We assess your feet, ankles, knees and hips, your nerves, bones, joints, ligaments and muscles and work out what is causing your pain, then work at finding your solution. The appointment costs usually costs $75 and is fully claimable through your health fund.

OUR SPECIAL OFFER of a HALF PRICE 1 hour INITIAL HEEL PAIN or BALL OF FOOT PAIN ASSESSMENT is available to the first 10 people only. Saving you $37.50 and a lot of suffering! This also includes your biomechanical assessment which is where we assess you walking and running if appropriate. To be eligible please register here today . Please mention "half price initial appointment" in the comments to be eligible. Remember this is only available to people who have not seen us for heel pain or ball of foot pain and this offer expires on the 3rd of March.

Any additional treatment fees would always be discussed and can generally be implemented on the day.

We are also the only clinic in the region to be able to offer the proven technology Dolorclast Therapy for your heel pain available in our clinic which has been shown with research to be highly

If you are concerned about any of the above problems please call us with any questions or to register for your half price initial appoitnment. call 026925 8637 (Wagga), 026021 3338 (Albury) or click  'Book now'  to register for your half price initial appointment remembering to enter "half price initial appointment" in the comments. You must mention this offer when booking to be eligible.

P.S. If you have  a family member or friend who may be interested in this information or offer- please feel free to forward this link.

N.B. not valid with any other offer.