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3 HOT TIPS for your New Year’s fitness kick

9 Jan 2015 9:58 AM -
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So the Christmas break is over and you’re hoping to ramp up your walking, running or training for 2015, maybe drop a few kilos or just get back to your active self? Remember, we’re here to help you! Don’t let sore feet stop your new year’s fitness kick. 

Here are some quick tips for you on how to prevent pain as you get back into exercise after the holidays:

1. Don’t go too hard too early. Remember to ease back into it if you’ve been inactive for a while over the Christmas break, and always warm up and warm down!

2. Walk, run or train on softer surfaces if you can. Your feet will thank you!

3. A lot of pain arises from wearing thongs and bare feet over summer, so as a counter measure get into your most supportive shoes when you aren't training and when you are out and about exercising take care of your feet by putting on some decent runners.

Lastly, if you are in pain come in and see us. Our Podiatrists help find effective solutions for our patient’s foot pain on a daily basis; it’s what we do best.  The earlier we see you the greater the chance of keeping you going through out your fitness kick and if you are in pain, the sooner you will be back in full action. And remember, don’t push through the pain, come and see us today!

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