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Tinea & dry skin

You may have tinea and not even know it ! Tinea is a fungal infection of the skin which causes peeling, dry skin and when it flares up it causes itching.  Often people carry mild tinea on their feet for life, with flare ups when their feet get a little too moist.

In the majority of cases tinea is just annoying, itchy or unsightly and highly contagious and tends to continue to recur. Tinea can be dangerous in some situations when a person has diabetes or reduced blood supply, and the skin is broken by the tinea infection, a bacterial infection can track up the leg causing cellulitis. 80% of diabetic patients have tinea and require treatment.

We commonly see tinea infecting feet as tinea loves a moist environment and is easily transferred from person to person.

Many people we see come in with concerns that they can’t get rid of their tinea as they have tried everything. The problem in this situation is more commonly that they are reinfecting.

At the Active Foot Clinic we can provide information and advice and the best tinea treatments.  We even have tinea and odour fighting socks which can help to reduce the flare ups, itch and reinfection  of tinea in your feet.

If you are concerned that you may have tinea, speak to your Active Foot Clinic podiatrist today or talk to our foot care assistants who will show you our range of antifungal products and socks.

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