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Smelly Feet

Know someone who has stinky feet? We are sure it is not you! Smelly feet can be embarrassing.

The good news is that when your foot smell can fill a room then it is very likely that you have a medical problem which can be fixed.

The condition is called bromidrosis and it is caused by a bacterial infection. We see and treat it regularly. There are a number of infections which can cause bromidrosis and they can all be treated at our clinic.

Any of these infections occur as a result of having wet feet. We see this condition regularly in children with sweaty feet, people who work in wet environments or have to wear shoes for long periods, smokers and people with high levels of stress.

There are a number of simple podiatry treatment options available. We also  currently have a new range of odour fighting socks and treatments available.  

Make an appointment with an Active Foot Clinic Podiatrist or drop in to our clinic to see our range of products and walk with fresh feet from now on. 

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