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Ingrown Toenails

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At Active Foot Clinic we treat ingrown toenails on a daily basis.

Ingrown toenails are very painful and uncomfortable. The two main types of ingrown toenails we see are:

Nails which are curly at the sides and are pressing on the skin causing pain, pressure, callus and corns down the side of the nail. These ingrown nails are very painful and can be dangerous in people with reduced blood supply such as smokers and diabetics. They are quite simple to treat however and we have experienced podiatrists that can help.

Nails which are penetrating through the skin, causing a bacterial infection as well as weeping, pus and pain. These types of ingrown nails can be dangerous for anyone. Left for too long without treatment they can cause infections in the skin and bone.

The great news is that your podiatrist is fully trained and qualified to treat either type of ingrowing toenail. Treatment is simple, generally pain free and can be performed in our rooms. Your podiatrists will ensure you have local anaesthetic if required.

Some patients need a simple non-surgical clearing of the nail; others require a minor surgical procedure called a partial nail avulsion. This procedure is performed under sterile conditions with local anaesthetic and is designed to permanently resolve your ingrowing nail. After any of these procedures it is generally expected that you can drive and return to school/work without inconvenience. Pain is generally minimal (if any!) for most people.

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