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Corns & Callus

Suffering with corns and callus?

Corns and callus are areas of thickened skin that occur from pressure. They are the body’s natural way of protecting the skin from too much pressure or friction, however become very painful as the pressure continues and the callus thickens. The skin beneath a corn or callus can ulcerate, which can become infected if left too long requiring more urgent Podiatry treatment.

Corns and callus are only caused by a combination of pressure and friction. This pressure can be from:

·         Footwear that is too tight or too loose.

·         Toe deformities, such as hammer toes or bunions, increasing pressure from the shoes.

·         Biomechanical or gait abnormalities that cause pressure under the bottom surface of the foot.

Corn removers and other chemical products can burn the skin and cause further damage, and for this reason are not recommended by our podiatrists.

The podiatrists at the Active Foot Clinic will safely remove your corns and callus. This is generally a simple pain free and comfortable procedure which we can do in your appointment under sterile conditions. Our Podiatrists will also assess the  cause of the pressure, help prevent the corns and callus from returning.

Case studies are only ever produced with patients consent.

Case Study: Judy's corn is now fixed leaving Judy happy and confident and ready for her holiday adventures.

Judy saw us to fix her corns and get her feet right and in better shape prior to her upcoming holidays. Her toe area had been giving her grief for a few years, however it was worse lately. Her shoes made it worse. She was tired of not being comfortable. Our podiatrists were able to explain to Judy exactly what the cause of her pain was and the simple and easy solution that would resolve the problem. Judy had been seeing another clinic previously without getting the results she needed to be pain free. She feels happy, comfortable and confident now that the corns have been removed and was on her way in to get walking shoes for her upcoming holiday. 

Case Study: Jacqui feels so much better with smooth callus free feet

Jacqui had hard skin on her feet which she found hard to manage herself due to her arthritis. Our care helps to keep her calluses under control. She feels that this care is becoming more important with time as her feet are getting more callused with age and feels so much better  with smooth feet and no pain. 

We also have a great new range of comfortable, medical grade footwear available in multiple widths and depths to accommodate those hard to fit feet.

If you are suffering from corns and callus, book in online or call us on the number below sand Walk Without Pain. 

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