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Flat feet causing pain higher up

Flat Feet Causing pain higher up? 

Suffering ankle, shin, knee, hip or back pain?

We regularly see patients who experience these pains as a result of their poor foot posture. 

How does this happen? When the foot rolls into a flat position the joints in your knee, hip and back function awkwardly, resulting in stress, strain and injury to these structures. The following conditions can be caused by flat feet:

  • Problems in the ankle such as tendonitis, tendon dysfunction, bony jamming  and synovitis .
  • Shin pain caused by shin splints and stress fracture.
  • Knee problems such as patellofemoral joint dysfunction and  illiotibial band syndrome and wearing of the knee cartilage on one side causing osteoarthritis.
  • Lower back and pelvic problems due to repetitive strain or poor shock absorption abilities of a flat foot.

Case Study: Adam was concerned about the long term effects of his flat feet

Adam came to us as he knew he had flat feet. He was experiencing hip pain when running and was concerned about what his flat feet would do when he becomes older. He didn't want to become "one of those old people using a walking stick!". He was concerned about getting weaker as he became older as his feet and legs weren't aligned normally. Adam can now run, exercise and go up and down steps without pain and feels more confident to do more exercise without doing damage as he is preventing future problems. 

The good news is that the above mentioned conditions can be relieved with a combination of orthotics, footwear, gait training and exercises. The conditions mentioned above can generally be relieved and you can get back to your active lifestyle.

All of our podiatrists at the Active Foot Clinic have expertise in assessing and treating foot and lower limb posture and your gait (walking pattern). At your appointment your podiatrist will take a thorough history, assesses your joints and muscles, assesses your posture and walking pattern and advises you on appropriate treatment to help keep active for life.

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