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Free Foot Checks for Your Family

Concerned that your children may have inherited your foot problems?

Would you like to find out if they need treatment or if we can help? 

We offer a free foot check service for your family/friend at your next appointment. 

How does it work?

When you are booking your review appointment mention to reception that you would like a ‘free foot check’ for your family/friend. 

These brief appointments (approx 5 mins) will be added onto the end of your appointment at no extra charge.

At the check your podiatrist will do a brief assessment of the condition and recommend whether it is a concern warranting further podiatry assessment, or not a concern to be worried about. 

If further assessment is recommended you then have the option to book an appointment for a more detailed assessment and treatment.

If you have a family or friend with a foot problem simply bring them along to for a free screening to see if we can help.

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