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Swiss Dolorclast therapy

Swiss Dolorclast Therapy for heel pain

(Radial Shock Wave Therapy)

 Dolorclast therapy gives instant pain relief and stimulates healing getting you healed, active and pain free so that you can enjoy all that life has to offer, faster.

 Dolorclast Radial Shock Wave Therapy is a non invasive treatment for the treatment of   Plantar fasciitis (heel pain), tendonitis and calcification of tendons. Active Foot Clinic Podiatry are the first to bring this treatment to the Riverina to compliment their heel pain clinics. We have found that 80% of patients have an improvement in their pain with this therapy, as has the research literature.


How does Dolorclast Therapy work?

Dolorclast therapy works in 2 ways:

1. Reducing pain by decreasing the chemical messengers responsible for the transmission and perception of pain

2. Improved local blood flow to the sore area through the physical effects of the treatment and the promotion of new blood vessel growth in the area.

What does the Dolorclast Therapy involve?

After the painful site is identified, shock waves are delivered to the site. Initially the treatment can be uncomfortable but as the treatment progresses the intensity usually improves. An instant improvement in pain is usually noted after the treatment.

 Generally three treatments are required at approximately one week intervals.  Generally the period of pain relief increases with every treatment.

If you are interested in finding out if you could benefit from Dolorclast therapy make an appointment with an Active Foot Clinic Podiatrist today.

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