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Achilles Pain

Sore achilles tendon? The Achilles tendon starts from the calf muscle and attaches into the heel bone. The most common cause of pain in this area is Achilles tendonitis.

The most common cause of Achilles tendonitis is over-use, worsened by overloading due to  abnormal motion of the foot whilst walking or running.

Common treatments for Achilles tendonitis include raises, specialized exercises, Podiatry advice to ensure you are in the correct shoe and customized orthotics to balance any abnormal mechanics which are placing strain on the area. Our Podiatrists at the Active Foot Clinic can also refer for x-rays, ultrasounds and surgical opinions as required.

Our podiatrists at the Active Foot Clinic are trained in sports podiatry, and have the skill and expertise to properly diagnose and treat your Achilles pain.

If you are suffering from Achilles pain, call us for more information or an assessment and Walk Without Pain ph 6925 6837 today.