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Achilles Pain

Sore achilles tendon? The Achilles tendon starts from the calf muscle and attaches into the heel bone. The most common cause of pain in this area is Achilles tendonitis.

The most common cause of Achilles tendonitis is over-use, worsened by overloading due to  abnormal motion of the foot whilst walking or running.

Case Study: Lisa is pain free

Lisa had been struggling with Achilles pain for some time. It was impacting her ability to play netball comfortably and she was quite often limping around. She was worried that she was doing more damage by continuing to play sport. Lisa was worried that we would tell her that she couldn't play sport. Lisa was in pain every time she was on the court. Since seeing us Lisa has managed to have an almost pain free netball season. Lisa is now pain free and no longer worried about doing long term damage to her achilles. 

Case Study: Graham climbs Kings Canyon after recovering from his Achilles Injury

Graham had an achilles problem. He had surgery and had heel and calf problems afterwards. He was limping and concerned that his achilles would become an ongoing problem and was worried that he would need a hip or knee operations because of the way he was walking with a limp. He had tried some exercises and different heel raises however they had no effect. 

Graham came to see us and his podiatrist explained the nature of his problem and what we needed to do to get him pain free again. He is now walking without pain and feeling more stable. Graham also knows what to do to prevent his achilles from giving him problems again. He is able to do more things. He is now able to walk further, even climbing Kings Canyon this year which Graham though was amazing considering where he had come from. 

Common treatments for Achilles tendonitis include raises, specialized exercises, dolorclast therapy , footwear advice and customized orthotics to balance any abnormal mechanics which are placing strain on the area to that your pain can resolve. Our Podiatrists at the Active Foot Clinic can also refer for x-rays, ultrasounds and surgical opinions as required.

Our podiatrists at the Active Foot Clinic are trained in sports podiatry, and have the skill and expertise to properly diagnose and treat your Achilles pain.

If you are suffering from Achilles pain, call us to Walk Without Pain or book online. 

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