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Sore Feet

If you are suffering foot pain, limping out of bed with heel pain or arthritis or not performing on the sports field it is quite possible that we can help.

When you have poor foot posture your bones, tendons, ligaments and joints are strained with ever step you take. This strain can can cause pain and injury and can result in arthritis in the long term.

At the Active Foot Clinic all of our Podiatrists have extra training in biomechanics and orthotics. Find out how we can help you!

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Sore Heels

Have you been suffering with heel pain? Limping out of bed in the morning? Is your heel just not getting better? Heel pain is one of the most common conditions our highly skilled Podiatrists treat at the Active Foot Clinic.

Read more about heel pain in adults and children and find out about effective treatments like Swiss Dolorclast Therapy here.

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Sore Ankles

Ankle problems can be debilitating and reduce your ability to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Our podiatrists have expertise in assessing and treating ankle conditions. At your appointment we will assess the ankle in detail, analyse your walking pattern, foot posture and more.

Find out about some common causes of ankle pain here.

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Sore Knees & Shins

Do you suffer with knee pain? Our podiatrists regularly treat knee pain, as poor foot posture affects the movements which occur within your knee.

You might also be suffering from shin pain, there are three main causes for this. For more information about knee pain and shin pain in both adults and teenagers click 'Read More' below.

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Back Pain

Did you know that back pain can be caused by poor foot posture?

Back problems can be debilitating and reduce your ability to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.

It is quite possible that your foot posture and the way that you walk could be contributing to your back pain. Find out more here. 

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Postural Concerns

Think you might have flat feet? Or maybe you've got high arched feet? Not sure if you should be concerned? 

Flat feet can be very problematic for both children and adults and many people don't realise that they have flat feet at all. 

Likewise, high arched foot types can come with their own special list of problems. Read about them here. 

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Kids Feet

A child’s foot is not simply a mini version of our adult feet. Rather it is a complex structure of bones, ligaments and muscles under rapid development.

Learn about kids feet, growing pains, our free 'foot checks for kids' by clicking here.

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Fungal nails?

Love attractive, healthy nails this summer? For more information on the latest technology in fungal nails (here at Active Foot Clinic!) click here!

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Skin & Nail Problems

Smelly feet? Painful ingrown toenails, corns, warts or tinea? 

None of these things are fun to live with. Find out what you can do to treat these various conditions, why they might be happening and how we can help you! 

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Diabetes & your feet

People with diabetes are particularly prone to foot problems.

The great thing is, most of these problems are preventable with our podiatrists care, following our advice and looking after your feet every day at home.

Find out more about how your diabetes may effect your feet and how we can help. 

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How we fix feet, ankles and knees

How we get you pain free and active again, yes what happens in your appointment, and how we fix you! 

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Sore? Struggling? Suffering? Let us help!

Here at the Active Foot Clinic we understand that pain in your feet, heels, ankles, knees, hips and back can make life hard every day, but the next hard part is – where are you going to fin...

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