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Joe Burgess, Podiatrist

Joe started his degree in health and rehabilitation science but after being impressed by some experienced podiatrists and seeing their clear knowledge of all aspects of a person’s health (not just their feet!) Joe decided to switch to podiatry. This, coupled with his passion for medicine led him to complete a Bachelor of Podiatry at Charles Sturt University in Albury.

Joe began his career with Active Foot Clinic in early 2014 and has enjoyed taking on further training during his time at the clinic along with being a part of a solid team with a strong ethos.

“Active Foot Clinic really value people and getting people better. We are a strong clinic and we follow things through to the end, we don’t give up on problems.” Joe says.

Joe also appreciates the importance and sometimes the urgency of foot problems and enjoys assisting his patients with things like biomechanical problems and wound care. “We all need to walk and if there is something wrong with our feet it very quickly becomes a really, really big problem.” Joe says.

Joe believes in finding the right solutions for each individual and recalls one of his patients working very long hours on her feet. “She had been suffering serious heel pain for over 3 months and when she came to me she was desperate for a solution. With thorough assessment, the issuing of the right orthotic design and calf stretching she was free of pain just three weeks later.” Joe says.   

When Joe is not at the clinic helping his patients he’s either playing the drums or guitar, catching a game of basketball on the weekend or outdoors enjoying hiking or camping. He also enjoys travelling and modifying Volkswagens.

Joe is one of a number of friendly, professional podiatrists at Active Foot Clinic, come in and see us and find out how we can help you. 

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