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Heel Pain (plantar fasciitis / heel spur syndrome)

Have you been suffering with heel pain? Limping out of bed in the morning? Is your heel just not getting better?

 Heel pain is one of the most common conditions our highly skilled podiatrists treat at the Active Foot Clinic. We run heel pain clinics daily. 

The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. It is an injury to a structure which runs along the length of the bottom of the foot. It is in the same location that a heel spur would form. The plantar fascia is most commonly sore where it attaches into the heel. 

There are also many more causes of heel pain, including thinning of the fatty padding under the foot, bursitis, fracture and nerve entrapment. 

Plantar fasciitis generally presents with the patient having pain first thing in the morning and after rest. It tends to feel like you are walking on a stone. It is important Plantar Fasciitis is treated as often people develop a number of painful injuries  by trying to walk differently to try and avoid the pain. We get some great results even for our patients who feel like they have tried everything. We focus on healing you while you walk so that you can keep doing everything you need to in your busy life.

The great thing about heel pain is that it is very treatable without the need for painful surgery or needles. Our treatments focus on treating the true cause of your foot pain, that is the repeat straining which happens with every step you take. When we treat the cause the injury can heal itself and you can walk pain free without the need for painful cortisone injections or anti-inflammatory tablets which just tend to mask the symptoms for a period and do not treat the underlying problem.

Our specially designed heel pain orthotic comfortably rests the plantar fascia in 7 ways, whilst you walk . We also are able to provide instant pain relief and speed up your healing with our new Dolorclast Therapy so that you can get back to your active life faster. Our supportive shoes also compliment these injury healing treatments. 

At your appointment your podiatrist will assess you thoroughly by asking detailed questions, locating the painful area, evaluating your foot and lower limb posture and gait and assess the joints in your foot and lower limb. They will send you for X-rays and ultrasound if required, however generally your diagnosis will be reached at your first appointment and the treatment process can be started straight away.

If you are suffering with heel pain don’t delay and keep putting up with the pain.

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