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New state of the art services coming soon!

21 Jul 2014 5:49 PM -

With extensions and restoration work underway Active Foot Clinic is excited to be the custodian of Edward Street’s historical building whilst developing new and exciting services for the Wagga community.

Active Foot Clinic is situated on the corner of Edward Street and Best Street and the classic building was originally used as a typical ‘corner store’ supplying a variety of staples for local residents in the surrounding streets. The store, with its characteristic 1930’s green tiled front façade has been cared for by a number of different businesses including a florist and cafe in recent years.

“We’re so pleased to be the caretakers of this property, not only can we help to maintain and restore the building but with our new extended space we can also offer state of the art facilities and an amazing patient experience. Read on to find out what we have in store for you!” Active Foot Clinic owner Lina Wood says. 


Getting to the foot of your problem with NEW gait analysis laboratories

Active Foot Clinic is also pleased to bring the latest technology to the Riverina with the construction just weeks away from completion of their two new gait analysis laboratories. In the new gait laboratories our podiatrists will be able to video and record the way you walk or run on a treadmill using highly specialised equipment. Skilled podiatrists will then be able to play the footage back in slow motion to analyse your gait- the way you walk or run- and thereby identify your specific problem and needs going forward.   

“Specialised cameras, lighting and analysis software will allow us to view your feet, legs and body in slow motion just like they do for the cricket or tennis pros on TV!” Lina says.

“We can then correct and teach you better walking and running styles,  diagnose and correct postural problems, monitor progress of your condition or your child’s development, make sure that the shoes you are wearing are not causing you concerns, recommend strengthening exercises and more! This technology helps us to get you back to your active life,” Lina explains.

The information that’s gained during the gait analysis can also be used in combination with the information that’s collected during your in-room assessment to really get a detailed picture of your condition. 

“Your podiatrist, you and your family will be able to have a clear view of what you need to do to get better and stay active. The analysis process will also greatly enhance our training and development program ensuring we stay at the forefront of our profession, ensuring you the best of service available. “Lina says.


Luxury, technology and behind the scenes improvements

After three years in the building, the team at Active Foot Clinic are also keen to redefine your podiatry experience. We are in the process of developing a more spacious waiting and reception area where friendly staff will be able to be more attentive to your needs. 

When you visit Active Foot Clinic for your appointment you will now have the option of sitting in a massage chair while you wait; you can even have your feet soaking in the clinic’s new foot spas, making your treatments more hygienic and comfortable, with a little bit of luxury. “We will also be able to serve you coffee or tea of your choice while you relax and wait for your appointment listening to soothing music.” Lina says.

There are also some behind the scenes improvements going on, including; restoring the buildings ceilings to their original height, creating a new space for clinical meetings, a larger sterilisation suite and orthotics adjustment laboratory, staff room and administration room so that we can offer better background services- which will result in an even better experience for you. 
“We are so excited and can't wait for the work to finish so that we can offer the Wagga community state of the art podiatry facility with exceptional patient services and cutting edge technology. We have realised we don’t know of any other clinic like it in Australia. We just love showing our patients where we are up to so feel free to come in and ask us for a guided tour.” Lina says.

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