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Taking care of your feet after the Lake to Lagoon fun run

19 Aug 2014 4:13 PM -
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Congratulations on taking part in the Lake to Lagoon fun run! Here are our top tips for looking after yourself and your feet after the event. These are simple things you can do to aid recovery, however if you continue to have problems seeing a podiatrist can help ease your foot pain.


Sore after the event?
Rest up, hydrate and relax with your feet in an Epsom salt bath- you've earned it!
If the pain is significant or just not going away see a podiatrist for more detailed assessment. A podiatrist can arrange an X-ray or imaging and more immediate and long term treatment to get you back on your feet for your next challenge!

Loose, black or bloody nails? 
This is a sign of poor fitting shoes. Bathe your feet in saline for 60 seconds and dress with sterile dressings until fully healed. If you have a bloody nail it is a good idea to see a podiatrist to clear the blood and prevent infection. If any of these sites become red, pussy or painful see your podiatrist or a GP as soon as possible.

If you are suffering these problems your shoes are most likely the culprits. See a podiatrist to find the best advice on how to fit your shoe to your foot or find out which shoe is best for you in future.

Blisters on your toes?
Again this is likely a shoe fastening or fitting issue which your podiatrist could help you with so that next time you run you can avoid these problems.

Blisters under your feet? 
This is not a sign of shoes rubbing but more a sign that your foot mechanics aren’t working well. When your feet aren’t working properly your feet are prone to callus, injury and pain all of which your podiatrist can help you with.


To prepare for your next event, find great fitting shoes or to find a solution to your foot or leg pain call us today on 6925 8637 or register here for your appointment to find out how our podiatrists can help YOU!

From all of us at Active Foot Clinic. Happy running Riverina!