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Shin pain explained

2 Oct 2015 4:30 PM - Rebecca Baker
At the Active Foot Clinic we regularly assess and treat people with shin pain, it's a common condition but luckily there are treatments available! This kind of pain is normally localised between the knee and the ankle, and runs right along the shin bone. There are a few different kinds of shin pain, sometimes these pains can be called shin splints, also known as 'medial tibial stress syndrome'. 

What causes shin splints? 
Shin splits are common among runners or people who play spots where lots of running is involved. Shin splints are usually caused by repeated trauma to the connective muscle tissue surrounding the tibia.

- Pain running down the shin bone, this may be a dull or sharp pain
- Swelling may be felt along the inside of your shin bone
- You may have pain at the beginning of your work out which often eases as the session continues only to come back worse either towards the end of your work out or afterwards. 
pain is sometimes worse the next morning
-You may also have pain when your toes and foot are bent downwards

How will I know what is wrong? 
Other kinds of shin pain could be caused by a stress fracture this is a hairline fracture of the tibia bone, symptoms are similar to shin splints but often the pain is more acute or sharp and persists at rest during the night. Another pain culprit is caused by Compartment Syndrome, this is where the muscles of the lower leg swell up too big for the sheath surrounding them. This causes an aching pain and it typically comes of gradually with exercise but gets better with rest.

All of our podiatrists at the Active Foot Clinic have training in Podiatric Sports Medicine so they'll be able to tell you which condition you have and what is causing your pain. They'll carefully question you about your activities, footwear and more. They'll also isolate the painful area and assess you on our state of the art gait analysis system. These actions combined will generally make your diagnosis clear. If further imaging and testing is required it will be arranged by your podiatrist. Your podiatrist at the Active Foot Clinic will then make recommendations to reduce your pain, resolve your injury and get you back to sport as quickly as possible.

What can be done?
Treatment options may include rest, ice, specialised orthotics (to correct your foot posture/ take strain off inflamed or injured structures), more supportive footwear targeted exercises, anti-inflammatory therapy and training you on how to run and walk more efficiently to reduce the pain. As you can see there is no shortage of options for this condition! With the correct treatment and rehabilitation a full recovery can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

We aim to get you back to your active life as soon as possible. If you are suffering shin pain don't wait any longer! Make an appointment with an Active Foot Clinic podiatrist today on 6925 8637 or book online using the button below.