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Our podiatrists at the Henty Field Days!

18 Sep 2016 4:03 PM -

We're going to the Henty Field Days this week!

Over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week (20th-22nd Septempber) we will be doing free foot screenings, which means checking in on your foot pain, your posture, footware, skin, nails, circluation and more! 

Our Wagga and Albury podiatrists will be in 'sheep dog run' near the dam and the HMFD site office. You can find us under an Active Foot Clinic marquee looking at your sore feet, ankles and knees, listening to your concerns and giving you advice on the right shoes to keep your feet happy and healthy.

We are providing complimentary healthy foot and leg check-ups, although we will not be able to treat skin and nail concerns on site. However Active Foot Clinic Podiatry now has the latest laser teachnology to treat fungal nails. Please feel free to see us at one of our clinics or call 02 6925 8637 or book using the 'Book Now' button (to the right of this page) if this is your concern.

We look forward to seeing you there!