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Kids with flat feet

7 Apr 2015 2:23 PM -
Flat feet can be very problematic for children, however many children will not experience any problems until adulthood. By this time permanent damage has already occurred to the joints in the feet and legs. Flat feet can be cause for concern even if you or your child is not currently in pain. 

Why are flat feet a problem?
Flat feet can be a problem because they cause other problems, like growth plate issues, stress fractures, collapsing of the arch, osteoarthritis (in both feet and ankles), tendonitis, foot pain and injuries plus knee, hip and back problems. We generally don't consider it normal for children to be experiencing pain or 'growing pains' in their feet.

How can I tell if my child has flat feet?
The first way to tell is simple, how much of an arch can you see when your child is standing with their foot flat on the ground? If they're flat footed they will have a very low arch and their foot will look flat. Another way to tell is to watch them walking from behind, are the back of their legs/Achilles heels straight or do they bow in? If they bow in it could be flat feet. 

I think my child has flat feet what should I do?
If you suspect that your child has flat feet it is best that your child be assessed by a qualified podiatrist. Our podiatrists treat flat feet every day and know the signs and symptoms of this condition. When assessing children here at Active Foot Clinic our podiatrist will take a thorough history, assess your child's joints, muscles, posture and walking pattern and then advise you on the most appropriate treatment to help keep your little ones get back on their feet! If you'd like to know about your own flat feet, see our flat feet blog.

If your child has been complaining of foot or lower limb pains don't dismiss it as growing pains, early treatment will ensure your child stays active and healthy now and into the future. So come in today to get your family checked by our friendly podiatrists! Making an appointment is simple, you don't need a referral and we can sort out a health fund rebate on the spot, just call us today on 02 6925 8637 or book an appointment online. If you're not sure if you need a full appointment, you could always come in for a free foot check.