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HEEL PAIN in the morning?

14 May 2014 4:27 PM -
Active Foot Clinic Podiatrist Joe Burgess finds a solution for his patient’s heel pain.
Active Foot Clinic Podiatrist Bronwyn Furner uses dolorclast therapy, proven relief for your heel pain, only available at Active Foot Clinic Podiatry.
5 top tips directly from your local Podiatrists to help relieve your pain

As Podiatrist we know how debilitating your heel pain can be. You limp out of bed in the mornings, can’t do the things you enjoy, exercise stops, pain starts showing on your face and life becomes just plain miserable!

If you are one of the many people suffering with heel pain we know that you want fast, effective relief. Here are a few tips to help you get started on the right track towards finding your relief and walking PAIN FREE!

5 Things to Do While you are waiting for the right care

Ice, Ice, Ice!

One of the best pieces of advice we can give whilst you wait for your appointment is to apply an ice pack to the sore area.  Sit back and apply  the ice pack onto the sore area for 10 minutes, then remove it for 10 minutes, and repeat!

Supportive footwear!

A good shoe will act like a brace for your foot, supporting your foot posture and cushioning your heel. Make sure your shoe has a firm heel cup and minimal twist in the midsole. And wear shoes as much as possible! Remember to bring a few pairs of your shoes you wear regularly to your appointment so that we can check them out to make sure they are going to help your heels.


Perform a slow, gentle calf stretch twice a day to help make walking a little easier. Stretching alone won't get most people better, it can give you a little relief.

Slow down!

We understand you need to keep going. Injuries to the feet and legs can be tricky to heal, especially as you are on your feet a lot. Try minimising your high impact activities, and avoid movements and actions that aggravate your heel pain, this will give the structures a break and time to heal. We don’t stop you when we are healing your pain. All of our heel pain relief treatments allow your heals to heal while you work, run around after the kids and do what you need to do!

Pain relief

If safe to do so, taking the recommended dose of pain relief medication and anti-inflammatories. These treatments are not good long term and should only be taken as recommended. These medications will not treat the likely underlying cause of your pain. 

Please note that these tips help with giving you some symptomatic relief. To find your full relief you need to correctly treat the cause of your heel pain.

Tired of suffering? For your full relief give us a call so that we can treat the true cause of your heel pain and get you back to your active life.

All of our podiatrists help people suffering with heel pain every day  and have additional training and techniques available to them to help relieve your heel pain. Our Podiatrists have already helped 16 000 people through the region- they really know their stuff!

Your consultations are health fund rebateable and no referral is required to see our podiatrists.

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