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1 Apr 2014 8:43 PM -

HEEL PAIN?  Suffering?

What has rolling your heel on golf balls and frozen coke bottles got to do with you finding your relief?

Would you like to know if these commonly recommended treatments are actually  making  your heel pain worse?

Heel pain is a tough condition to be suffering with. There are lots of treatments out there- and many that don’t work. As Podiatrists who help a lot of our patients with heel pain every day we find that there are only a very small handful of treatments that work  reliably, getting you pain free and fully healed. 

You will often find some immediate relief when you try rolling your heel on any of the above objects. You will tend to find it hurts a bit when you do it, you push a bit harder as it relieves the pain like a massage, the ice from the frozen coke bottle nubs the pain a bit further so you keep going, pushing harder and harder. Yes you have pushed some inflammatory fluid from the injury out of the area and it helps when you go to stand up and take those first few steps, however what you have possibly done and will continue to do is keep stirring up the injury, making your injury worse and your recovery time longer!

Our recommendation with respect to rolling, massaging and icing is approach this with caution as you may be relieving some of the symptoms, however you are not contributing to the healing of the area. Icing alone is fine with a frozen packet of peas or an ice pack. Be kind to you poor sore heels! They are injured  and need some gentle treatment. You are pounding them with every step you take.

So, The answer to the golf ball/coke bottle getting you better question is – unlikely!  Sorry…

If you have been struggling with heel pain for a while now come on in and see one or podiatrists, they really know their stuff! Our Podiatrists help people suffering with heel pain every day You don't need a referral and we are health fund rebateable, we have likely got a solution for you.

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