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Heel pain? Achilles pain? The LATEST SOLUTION is here for you!

5 Aug 2014 12:45 PM -

Heel and Achilles pains are some of the toughest conditions we treat here at Active Foot Clinic, but what brings us the greatest joy is when we see people getting back into their active lives, free of pain.

Dolorclast Therapy is latest treatment for the relief of heel and Achilles pain. There's some excellent research behind this therapy and here at Active Foot Clinic we're fortunate enough to have this treatment available on site and on offer for you!

We are the only Dolorclast Therapy provider in the region and were the first to introduce it!  All of our podiatrists have training in this powerful therapy and have seen its great results.

What does Dolorclast Therapy do?
Dolorclast therapy helps to relive pain as it activates the healing processes in areas on your foot which are notoriously tough to heal. It does this by stimulating new blood vessel growth and activating cell regeneration, which in turn accelerates the body's own natural healing processes.

How can it help me?
We found that Dolorclast Therapy is a safe treatment technique which showed excellent outcomes for patients suffering with heel pain or Achilles pain.

What can I do? 
If you are suffering with heel pain or Achilles issues and want to speed up your recovery this therapy might be right for you. It's available to all patients at our main clinic in Wagga. If you would like to find out if Dolorclast Therapy is the right treatment for you simply give us a call on 6925 8637 so that we can book you in. 

Treatment can occur on the day. Please remember to bring in your shoes and any insoles your have tried so that we can see what therapies you have already tried.