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Child with SORE HEELS? Is it really JUST GROWING PAINS?

14 Apr 2014 6:54 AM -

Child with SORE HEELS? IS it really JUST growing pains?

It is really distressing watching your child limp in pain or off the sports field. Your child is likely at a stage in their life when they should be at the peak of their activity not limping off the sports field and crying in pain. In the following few paragraphs we are going to get you informed about why growing pains should not be dismissed as “just” growing pains and why they need the right care.

It is quite frustrating when we hear that a child has been limping for a year as they had been told that they will just grow out of it. We really find that in 98% of cases kids don’t need to be putting up with this pain. They can generally keep playing the sport they love and growing when they have the RIGHT care! Yes it is true.

So what is happening? Well your child is going through a stage where growth plates are fusing to form bone for their adult life. Higher levels of activity, tightness in muscles and poor foot posture and foot and leg mechanics can all contribute to inflammation of the growth plate. The condition that many kids suffer is called Severs Disease or traction calcaneal apophysitis. There is a full list of other conditions your child could be suffering that our Podiatrists have the skills and ability to get to the bottom of and find a solution.

Left untreated the pain and inflammation can continue. Kids will often walk differently (often a bit duck like really!) and limp to avoid the pain, often causing pain in other areas of the feet, ankles, knees and hips.

So if your child is suffering or has been told that they have“just growing pains” or they have not found their relief yet know that you do have an option.  We don’t believe in just waiting for them to grow out of this painful time. Your child can find relief as we know that you want to keep your child active and developing with sport and life as they grow.

We help kids with growing pains every day. Our Podiatrists at the Active Foot Clinic have a keen interest and extra training in helping children with growing pains.

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