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BURNING TOES? Our best tips for YOUR relief!

27 May 2014 8:32 AM -

Burning toes can drive you officially MAD.  Your feet are so sensitive. When tingles, burning and numbness surge in your toes it is something that you can’t quite ignore. Today we are going to outline the best treatments for burning toes so that you know what to do.

Every week we have people come to us with burning toe issues. There are a few common problems that can cause these horrible sensations - particularly at this time of year when you have been spending more time in enclosed shoes.

The most common cause of burning toes is Morton’s Neuroma.  Other  causes can be a bursa or more generalised burning through the forefoot can be caused by diabetes. Back problems can also refer to this area.

We help to relieve  3-4 patients a week with Mortons Neuroma. Most people come to us with burning into the 3rd and 4th toes. Often the burning and surging is made worse with tight shoes.  What is actually happening? Well often there is a nerve that is giving off signals it is being squashed as it crosses past some rather bulky joints to get to your toes. The pain is hard to ignore. You often have to get your shoes off and wriggle your feet around to relieve it.

What should you do? Well firstly

Step 1: right now you can get into some slightly wider shoes.

Step 2- if this does not fully relieve your condition or the shoes that are comfy do not meet the needs of your life get yourself booked in to see one of our Podiatrists.

What will an Active Foot Clinic podiatrist do?

Well our podiatrists have additional training in assessing and treating this condition. Firstly we make sure that we are dealing with a neuroma - we do this in our clinic with a range of testing. This can all be done in our clinic. Occasionally we will need further testing such as ultrasounds and X-rays which we arrange with medicare rebate.  If we are concerned that we are dealing with a more systemic problem like diabetes or a back concern we will refer you on to the appropriate health care professional.

In 99% of neuroma cases symptoms can be settled quickly by repositioning the nerve within the shoe. We do this with a few different in-shoe techniques and can complement with some in-clinic mobilisation exercises. With our treatment we find that this condition does not need surgery or needles in 99% of cases. By reducing the compression, your burning settles and you can get back to a more comfortable life. We tend to find that with the right treatment your symptoms settle within a few days and you can get right back in to your active life.

So there you go- here are the best treatments for burning surging pains between the 3rd and 4th toes, wider shoes and if this is not enough see an Active Foot Clinic Podiatrist. Our Podiatrists have skills in treating nerve conditions and help a number of patients with this problem every week! If you would like to get back to your active life phone today!

Please note that these tips help with giving you some symptomatic relief. To find your full relief you need to correctly treat the cause of your heel pain.

Tired of suffering? For your full relief give us a call so that we can treat the true cause of your  pain and get you back to your active life.

All of our podiatrists help people suffering with sore feet every day. Active Foot Clinic Podiatrists have additional training and techniques available to them to help relieve your pain. Our Podiatrists have already helped 16 000 people through the region- they really know their stuff!

Your consultations are health fund rebateable and no referral is required to see our podiatrists.

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