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Feet Facts Blog

We know how much you love having up-to-date information to help keep your feet healthy and active, so we've put together a special Feet Facts Blog for you!

If you have any specific topics you want to hear about contact us and let us know and we'll post some information for you!

From the team at Active Foot Clinic.

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Healing your heel pain

15 Aug 2015 6:00 AM -

Heel pain is not only irritating but it can be debilitating. It can stop you from doing the things you really want to do, from playing sport right through to just walking to the shops or even getting out of bed in the morning. It’s really no...

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Case study: Kev gets back on track with AFC

3 Aug 2015 6:30 AM -

Kev* started the New Year with a bang. It was time for the gut to go. He made a point of getting active on weekends by jogging and he joined a gym- he even gave up the grog!

He was doing great and lost a few kilos to begin with, but...

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Know your knee pain!

14 Jul 2015 6:30 AM -

Do you suffer with knee pain? Did you know that your foot posture and how you walk actually effect the movements in your knees?

A good way to show how your foot posture can be related to knee pain is to stand up and place your fin...

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Case study: Getting Robyn back on her feet

1 Jul 2015 6:30 AM -

Robyn* had been limping out of bed for more than 3 months. If she sat down for any period of time she hobbled out of the chair, likewise if she was on her feet for a long time her feet would ache in pain. Life was becoming a chore. Her pa...

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Growing pains- what you need to know!

15 Jun 2015 1:54 PM -

Does your child or a child you know complain of pains in the feet, ankles, legs or knees? Are they complaining after lots of running around or sport? Are they limping off the sports field?

These complaints are common, but podi...

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Just arthritis? Why you shouldn't settle for pain!

1 Jun 2015 11:12 AM -

So winter is here and you might be finding yourself with cold, achy feet. If you have arthritis you might have been sent home in pain, with some anti-inflammatories to take, or surgery or needles may be your only other options.


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Sore achy feet at work? Top tips for your relief!

15 May 2015 2:42 PM -

Your feet will travel around the world 4 times in your lifetime so here are 4 tips to keep you and your feet going at work!

Remember, no matter what work you do it’s in your best interest to listen to what your feet are telling y...

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Case study: Putting an end to foot pain with proven treatments

12 May 2015 11:26 AM -

Leanne* had suffered heel pain for 5 long years when she came to us. She was in pain every day and had tried everything, including different exercises, strapping, orthotics, arch supports, massage, different shoes, even cortisone injections ...

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Kids with flat feet

7 Apr 2015 2:23 PM -

Flat feet can be very problematic for children, however many children will not experience any problems until adulthood. By this time permanent damage has already occurred to the joints in the feet and legs. Flat feet can be cause for con...

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Figuring out flat feet

26 Mar 2015 11:14 AM -

How do I know if I have flat feet and why are they a problem?
Do you suffer from ankle, shin, knee, hip or back pain? The cause of your pain could be flat feet! If you have a normal arch you'll see an upward curve in th...

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Heel pain in adults and kids- getting your family back on their feet!

16 Mar 2015 3:52 PM -

Sport season is up and running and that might mean lots of standing on the sideline watching the kids play or maybe playing a bit yourself. Either way, you may find you or your kids...

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Why do I get heel pain in the mornings? Top 5 tips to help YOU!

9 Mar 2015 8:39 AM -

Is heel pain stopping you from getting out of bed in the morning? Do you ever get out of bed and as soon as your feet hit the floor you're grimacing? We understand! Heel pain can be so debilitating! If you're limping out of bed in the morning...

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FOOT PAIN? Ball of foot or heel pain? What will get you better?

3 Feb 2015 6:06 PM -

So the year is in full swing now, the Christmas rush is over and you’ve hit the ground running with school drop offs and new year resolutions. There is only one problem. Summer sandals, thongs and bare feet have given you terrible foot pai...

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Your Back to School Foot & Leg Checklist

26 Jan 2015 5:49 PM -

So school’s back and your kids are wearing down the tread on their shoes all over again! It’s that time of year again, time to check in and see how their feet and legs are travelling aft...

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3 HOT TIPS for your New Year’s fitness kick

9 Jan 2015 9:58 AM -

So the Christmas break is over and you’re hoping to ramp up your walking, running or training for 2015, maybe drop a few kilos or just get back to your active self? Remember, we’re here to help you! Don’t let ...

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